When you want to succeed in collaborating across diverse cultures & geographical Sites.

In every population there is a set of norms, behaviors, belief-systems and habits that exists in accordance with the national culture and context they are operating in. If you do business across different time zones, geographical locations and national cultures, you should know how the boundaries affect the collaboration.

This course is a dynamic training program and provides knowledge and exercises on how you manage differences in culture and work-conditions in a global organization. The purpose of the course is to enhance the value of working with different cultures in different locations and to learn about the boundaries of global work in order to improve communication and thereby develop the participants’ global collaboration. Global work is about boundary-spanning and focus will be not only on culture as a potential area of discontinuities but also on other boundaries such as time-zone differences, distribution of power, headquarter vs. subsidiary dynamics and technology mediated communication.

The training program consists of 2 days.

Participant will develop:

A clearer understanding of cultural and geographical boundaries and self awareness 

Get a clear understanding of what global and multicultural collaboration is and the ways it affect our business. The purpose is to become aware of the potential discontinuities in order to manage them and put them into words when engaging in global collaboration.

A stronger ability to engage in global virtual communication and to build relationships

Learn how to facilitate communication and virtual meetings more effectively with global stakeholders. Develop tools and a mindset to build strong relationships with global colleagues and stakeholders in order to improve effectiveness and results.