The main focus for any leader is to lead and create results through other people; this is a discipline which can be learned. It requires that you use your personal strengths in the best way possible, and that you can apply different leadership tools in practice.

Your benefits from the Basic Leadership program

At the course Basic Leadership, you will gain a greater understanding for the leadership role, the complexity of the role, and the dilemmas you might face as a leader. You will be presented with specific leadership tools, which together with an understanding for the possibilities in situational leadership, make you better at delegating and motivating your employees. During the course you will learn how to set meaningful goals, which ensures employee commitment. At the same time, the course will provide you with leadership tools used to give constructive feedback, and to handle difficult conversations with employees.


  • What is leadership and dilemmas in leadership?
  • Learn to act as a leader
  • What is your standpoint as a leader?
  • The leadership role in a strategic perspective – goal and purpose
  • Delegating and situational leadership
  • The leadership tool Feedback
  • How to handle difficult conversations

How is the course structured?

The course is application-oriented based on a wide palette of leadership tools, which you can apply from day one in your organization. This gives you a great starting point to further develop your leadership role.

The course has a theoretical and a practical part. It is strongly recommended that you use your own leadership challenges in relation to the different leadership tools. 

Participants on CfL’s Basic Leadership course

The Basic Leadership program is primarily aimed at newly appointed leaders and future leaders, who want to be well prepared for their new leadership role. 

Former participants include new leaders from the following organizations: the Ministry of Finance, Haldor Topsøe A/S, Realdania, Grundfos A/S and NCC Construction Denmark A/S.