It has never been more important to know 'the why’ in organizations, and to use it as a core business navigational point: to have a purpose-driven mindset. Organizing Purpose is an opportunity to meet the future and the megatrends creating the disruption of your business.

With Organizing Purpose we aim to groove you into your future. We want to help you turn the frustration of not knowing the future into confidence at being ready to face it. Does this appeal to you as a top level manager? Then join us, on this tri-country journey into the future of leadership and organizing.


Throughout the event... will develop and strengthen value-creating skills. A few highlights of what you’ll take away:

  • Learn how to let purpose and culture shape the future of your company
  • Gain insights into organizational designs that may help you advance to a new level
  • Test new methods in hands-on situations designed to shake your thinking


Organizing Purpose is a collaboration between 

  • CfL is a strong professional community of management specialists covering a wide range of leadership disciplines. Our business model is based on a holistic principle of collaboration between our specialists and in partnership with the customer. Together with the World's leading management researchers, we use documented testing tools and principles. We are constantly working to be Denmark’s leading management house as we have been for 104 years.


  • DziobakLarp Studios is an international experience design collective. They believe in changing the world through play, and create co-creative, immersive experiences. Dziobak’s B2C arm stages elaborate, spectacular live action role play adventures in stunning locations, while their B2C arm does transformational consulting and works with global brands such as IKEA, Disney and Google. Or to put it more grandly - they set your world on fire and make you rise from the ashes as a phoenix reborn with a new mindset. At least, that’s the idea!


  • HolaSpirit is a French business software publisher. They are working on developing a complete platform meant for self-organization, especially for holacracy practitioners and similar patterns. We will use HolaSpirit in workshops to try out creating clarity through IT and what it means.