Even in the digital age, it is vital to know how to convey and receive messages effectively, not only via phone, email and social media, but also face to face.

This course will improve your knowledge and ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, staff and customers.



To improve the communication skills that are so crucial to professional business life and the ability to achieve the desired impact.



The course is aimed at initiating a personal development process based on your own needs, aims and values. The course deals with communication, communication tools, psychology and personal development.


Learning objectives 

  • To raise your awareness of what shapes your personal communication
  • To understand others better and to meet their communicative needs

  • To define your own personal needs and goals for successful communication

  • To show greater tolerance and inclusiveness towards others through gaining deeper self-insight

  • To improve your ability to collaborate, while still pursuing your own goals

  • To gain greater self-insight in order to replace reactive communication with proactive communication and behaviour



This virtual course is taught through a combination of theory, group discussions, feedback and interaction with the other participants. 

You will be challenged on your attitudes, obtaining insights and applying tools to help you recognize your own motivations and feelings and thereby gain a more profound understanding of yourself and others.



Interactive online training over two four-hour sessions.


Target group

Any employee who needs to communicate effectively with colleagues, employees, customers and other stakeholders.


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