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Owned by 200+ Danish Organizations

CfL is a leadership institution established with the singular goal of elevating leadership quality across Denmark. What sets CfL apart is our unique member-owned structure, welcoming both private and public sector organizations to join us.

As a member, your organization becomes an integral part of the CfL Community. This grants you, your leadership team, and your HR professionals complimentary access to a variety of meetings and events. Additionally, you’ll enjoy numerous other member benefits, detailed below, all designed to enhance your leadership journey.

Participate in CfL’s member activities

Enjoy complimentary access to a wide range of events as a CfL member. This privilege extends to all your leaders and HR professionals, allowing them free participation in the majority of the activities hosted by our association. You have the flexibility to participate in most of them online.

Please Note: All events are conducted in Danish

CfL Clubhouse Meetings

Annually, every leader and HR professional in your organization is invited to participate in eight CfL Clubhouse Meetings. These sessions are meticulously designed to empower you through theory, case studies, and best practices, ensuring you are well-equipped to address the most crucial agendas. Always action-oriented, our Clubhouse Meetings are crafted to drive results and foster proactive leadership.


CfL Briefings are concise morning or evening sessions focused on current topics that demand a fresh approach to leadership. Examples from 2023 include AI and assesment tools and Leading Across Generations. We kick off the year by sharing highlights from the World Economic Forum in Davos, ensuring you're up-to-date with global insights and forward-thinking leadership strategies.

CfL Conferences

As a member organization, enjoy savings of up to 40% on ticket prices when CfL hosts a range of full-day and half-day conferences.

In 2023, we are featuring 'Organizations in Motion' on our agenda, but we consistently offer conferences on various emerging topics to keep you ahead of the curve.

CfL Executive Summit

Annually, your organization's executive team is invited to two exclusive events featuring talks from international speakers and Danish CEOs at the CfL Executive Summit. Hosted in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, these gatherings offer a prime opportunity for top-tier networking, insightful discussions, and a delightful dining experience.

Please Note: The events are conducted primarily in Danish, with partial English content.

CfL Webinars

In 2023, we continue to offer a series of online sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes, focusing on specific leadership challenges. Additionally, you have access to complimentary online courses developed in collaboration with GoLearn, culminating in a certification to enhance your professional development. Join us to hone your leadership skills and navigate challenges with confidence and expertise.

Please Note: The webinars are conducted in Danish

Exclusive Discounts

Beyond the plethora of Community activities, we offer an extensive range of courses, consultancy services, networking opportunities, and personality assessments. As a CfL member, your organization is entitled to a minimum of 15% discount on most of the services essential for developing both leaders and the organization as a whole. Enhance your leadership journey with us and reap the benefits of exclusive member discounts. 

Complimentary Legal Consultation

Included in your membership package, many find our free phone legal advice to be an invaluable resource, whether you're navigating complex warnings, HR is overwhelmed with crisis management, or you're facing any other challenges. Regardless of the issue at hand, the HR Law Hotline is your direct line to confidential advice and strategic partnership.

Our legal experts specialize in HR law, ensuring that as a member company, you have unlimited access to telephone consultations every weekday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Feel free to reach out at 7023 0022 or email hr-jura@cfl.dk for immediate assistance and expert advice.

Membership meeting

The community events often form the backbone of leadership development for many organizations. However, should you or your leadership team require a more tailored consultation, do not hesitate to reach out to CfL.

Our seasoned advisors are more than ready to help devise solutions tailored to your unique situation and organizational context.

For a membership meeting, please contact Senior Relations Manager René Daugaard Thiel at rth@cfl.dk or Senior Relations Manager Henrik Eriksen at her@cfl.dk. We are here to assist you in driving your leadership journey forward.

Become a member

Despite the extensive range of membership benefits, joining CfL is highly affordable. The membership encompasses all leaders and HR professionals within your organization, granting them complimentary access to participate in the majority of our activities and events. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your leadership capabilities and HR proficiency with CfL membership.

Owned by 200+ Danish Organizations

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