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CfL is a leadership centre dedicated to raising leadership standards in Denmark. The unique thing about CfL is that we are owned by our members, and all organisations, both private and public, are eligible for membership.

CfL is a non-profit organisation. As a member, your organisation will become part of the CfL Community. This means that you and all your colleagues in management and HR will enjoy free access to a range of meetings and events. You will also gain many other membership benefits, as detailed below.

CfL Clubhouse Meetings

Every year, all of your organisation’s managers and HR staff will be invited to eight CfL Clubhouse Meetings where you will be equipped, through theory, case studies and best practice, to manage key agendas. The CfL Clubhouse Meetings are always practice-oriented.

CfL Briefings

CfL Briefings are short morning or end-of-day meetings on current topics that call for new leadership approaches. Examples from 2022 included technological trends and strategic preparedness. We start the year with highlights from the World Economic Forum. CfL Briefings are scheduled on an ongoing basis.

CfL Conferences

As a member of CfL’s self-governing association, your organisation can save up to 40 percent on admission to CfL’s full and half-day conferences. In 2023, we have Leading Across Generations on the programme, but we regularly offer conferences on new topics.

CfL Executive Meetings

The business leadership in your organisation is invited annually to two exclusive events, with presentations from international speakers and Danish CEOs. CfL’s Executive Meetings are held in both Copenhagen and Aarhus and include a convivial dinner.

CfL Webinars

In 2023, we will continue to offer online meetings of 30-60 minutes on specific management challenges. You will also have access to free online courses produced in collaboration with GoLearn. The courses conclude with certification.

Exclusive discounts

CfL is a leadership centre offering courses, consulting, networking and personality testing. As a CfL member, your organisation will enjoy at least 15 percent off most of the services needed to develop leaders and organisations.

Membership benefit

Free HR Law Hotline

Free telephone counselling is part of the membership package, and may be the biggest member-benefit for some organisations. This could be because disciplinary procedures are demanding, because HR is spending too much time fire fighting or struggling with something else altogether. Regardless of the issue, the HR Legal Hotline is your direct access to confidential advice and input on legal issues and concerning specific personnel matters.

CfL’s legal experts are specialists in HR law and, as a member organisation, you have free access to telephone advice every weekday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Call 7023 0022 or email hr-jura@cfl.dk

Membership benefits

Free sparring meetings

For many organisations, the value propositions of CfL membership are core to their leadership development, but if you or your management team need a few hours of free feedback and input, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CfL.

Our experienced consultants are always willing to help find solutions that suit your unique situation and organisational context.

To arrange a member’s feedback session, please email Director Anja Neiiendam at ane@cfl.dk or Senior Relations Manager Henrik Eriksen at her@cfl.dk

Want to know more?

Pia Fuglsang Bach
Head of Community
P: +45 5154 4149
E: pba@cfl.dk

Anja Neiiendam
P: +45 5154 4182
E: ane@cfl.dk

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