HR Legal Hotline

Direct access to advice and input over the phone.

Is drafting employment contracts or disciplinary warnings a strain? Is HR spending too much time firefighting? Or might a lifeline be needed for a difficult termination?

The CfL HR Legal Hotline is your direct access to advice and input on HR legal issues and in specific personnel cases.

5 good reasons to use CfL’s HR Legal Hotline

Our HR Legal Hotline is the No. 1 membership benefit that our members value most, and that’s understandable. Here’s why:

1. Easy access

We are never further away than an email or a phone call.

You can reach us directly without telephone menus or other delaying intermediaries.

2. Prompt

Prompt help is twice the help. And prompt answers are a must if you, as a manager, are about to deal with a summary dismissal. Which is why we’re here to assist at very short notice – and typically during that very first phone call.

3. Experience and expertise

We specialise in HR law. We have a wide range of contacts with Danish companies, and a long HR and leadership track record, allowing us to draw on many experiences from diverse sectors -– both private and public.

4. Convenient access

The starting point for any advice is HR law. And once that’s in place, we’ll focus on finding the most practical solution for you and your organisation. 

5. Holistic approach

HR law is an integral part of CfL’s leadership foundation. Which is why we always provide advice based on a holistic approach to your concerns.

We often help our clients with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Clauses and bonuses
  • Sickness absences, holidays and maternity leave
  • Anti-discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Warnings, terminations and dismissals
  • Staff policies

Who can use the HR Legal hotline?

Members of CfL enjoy free access

The hotline is available free of charge to all CfL members. Both management and HR staff have free access to telephone advice and input on HR legal issues and specific personnel matters.

Purchase a subscription if you are not a member of CfL

Our HR Legal Hotline is a free CfL membership benefit, but it is possible for non-members to subscribe to the hotline.

In doubt as to whether your organisation is a CfL member? View the member list here

How much does a subscription to the HR Legal Hotline cost?

If your company is not a member of the CfL Community, you can purchase a subscription to the HR Legal hotline.

The fee for a 6-month subscription is DKK 13,500 and a 12-month subscription costs DKK 25,000. The fee is exclusive of VAT.

For this subscription fee, your organisation’s management and HR will enjoy free access to telephone advice and input on HR legal issues or personnel matters.

What our clients say about the HR Legal Hotline

Gitte Ahrends, Protector Insurance, HR Business Partner

“The HR Legal Hotline is operated by two skilled legal professionals who know all the ins and outs of virtually all aspects of HR law. They have comprehensive resources at hand, so if they don’t have the answer on the spot, which they usually do, then they will find it and get back to you.

We’re often in situations that call for a quick response, so the hotline is the place to call. I have every confidence in their advice, and it is reassuring to be able to talk to experts and get their input on complex questions that we can’t just look up the answer to in a book.

It’s also easy to get in touch with the hotline. It just works, so I can’t praise the service enough.”

Maria Tunyogi, NTT DATA Business Solutions, Head of HR Nordics

“NTT Data Business Solutions is a small HR team covering all the HR tasks for our Nordic entities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. So, everyone has a wide range of tasks, and we are not as specialised as larger teams typically are. That’s why we really appreciate being able to call the HR Legal Hotline for advice when dealing with aspects we encounter very rarely or which we’re unsure of.”

“The biggest benefit is definitely the quick assistance and input, so that we can support our managers, staff and business in the correct and best possible way without basic legal errors. The HR Law Updates network is also a great resource, giving us a professionally relevant network and lots of inspiration.”

Learn more about the HR Legal Hotline

For more details on the CfL HR Legal Hotline, please complete the form below or call us on +45 7023 0022.

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