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Successful enterprises leverage testing and profiling tools to fortify the employee journey, creating a seamless integration between recruitment, onboarding, development, talent management, cultural analysis, and retention.

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Our tools are meticulously crafted to aid organizations in discovering the right talents and supporting their employees in achieving their utmost potential. Whether your aim is to assess a candidate’s skills and capabilities, evaluate their leadership potential, or guide your employees along their career paths, we have the tools for the job. Explore our extensive suite of products and discover how our solutions can revolutionize your recruitment and employee development processes.


Cognitive tests
Assesses the candidate’s logical abilities and skills

Personality tests
Provides a deeper understanding of the candidate’s personality based on 6 or 12 factors

Leadership assessment
Evaluates leadership potential and qualities in prospective leaders


Profile tools
Maps out employee preferences, aiding them in understanding their strengths and areas for improvement

Career development and talent management
Identifies individual career preferences and cultivates an optimal career culture

Team development
Unravels team preferences, fostering more motivated and high-performing teams

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The Career Model stands out for its high accuracy in clarifying the next steps in one's career journey. Members who have utilized this model have experienced a tangible framework for their career development, something that is highly valued. What makes this model unique is its effectiveness in fostering productive conversations. With its straightforward and recognizable career approaches, it swiftly guides the discussion towards relevant actions and opportunities for all professionals, regardless of where they are in their career and work life.
Frederik Iuel, Career Coach, DJØF

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