We create specific solutions to critical challenges

We advise on strategy and leadership at all levels

We assist with strategy development and execution and can design tailored leadership development programmes. You will find that we listen to your needs but also inquire into other factors that may affect your success.

CfL’s aim is to target our joint efforts at the actions that achieve results and leadership excellence in your specific organisation.


Strategy is how we work to find our way forward. But there can be no strategy without implementation. From the initial analysis phase, we provide advice on how you, as management, ensure execution and follow-up.

Leadership development

CfL helps create direction, clarity, and results by balancing the organisation’s goals and employees’ potential. We provide advice on leadership at all levels, and from different perspectives.

Public-sector leadership

Denmark has one of the best run public sectors in the world. This is due to the efforts of dedicated managers and staff who contribute day-in, day-out to value creation for citizens and society at large. Leadership excellence is the key, but organisational complexity places extra demands on public-sector managers.


Must support the enterprise and ensure that the organisation has the resources needed to achieve best-practice performance. We provide advice on responsibilities and roles, on setting performance targets, and on the training of managers and management teams.

How we work

We listen, ask questions, and advise you based on your aspirations and needs. Our process always takes a holistic view of your organisation. In practice, this means that you place a desired development topic in focus, while we take a holistic view of key success factors.

Our approach is inspired by the Excellence Model and consequently explores the extent to which a given effort addresses the following factors:

  • Providing customers added value
  • Creating a sustainable future
  • Developing organisational capacity
  • Benefiting from creativity & innovation
  • Leaders with vision, inspiration & integrity
  • Timely and performance-oriented execution
  • Achieving success through employee talent
  • Sustaining performance excellence

What we believe in

We value effective tools, but we believe in keeping methodologies in the background, and instead prioritising co-creation of your organisational effort with your management team. You will always, therefore, be assisted by experienced advisers who know that your unique situation and organisational context come first – and then the tools.

Want to know more?

Henrik Hvolbøll Eriksen
Senior Relations Manager
P: +45 2565 9000

Henrik Graungaard
Chief Consultant
T: +45 5154 4126

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