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CfL is owned by its members, and all organisations – both private and public – are eligible to join. The most important criterion is that your organisation is committed to achieving leadership excellence.

CfL is a self-governing, non-profit organisation and, as an affiliate, you become part of the CfL Community. This means that all of your managers and HR professionals are free to participate in all the activities that take place within the association. For many organisations, this forms the backbone of their ongoing leadership development.

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CfL raises the quality of leadership in Denmark

As a member of CfL, you not only achieve a number of benefits, but also endorse our object, which is to raise the quality of leadership in Denmark.

We believe that leadership is the one single factor with the greatest and most lasting positive impact on value creation. This is why CfL’s activities, including our highly effective suite of leadership development resources, revolve around leadership.

Each year, in consultation with our member organisations and the CfL Advisory Board, we set an agenda to address the key topics and trends of leadership best practices.


CfL membership fee

The many value-for-money benefits of CfL membership cover all managers and HR within your organisation.

Organisation payroll No. of employees Fee 2023
up to MDKK 24 op til 49 DKK 26,500
MDKK 25 - 99 50-199 DKK 37,900
MDKK 100 - 199 200-399 DKK 47,400
MDKK 200 - 299 400-599 DKK 54,650
MDKK 300 - 399 600-799 DKK 61,200
MDKK 400 - 699 800-1399 DKK 72,700
MDKK 700 - 999 1400-1999 DKK 90,500
MDKK 1,000 - 1,299 2000-2599 DKK 106,000
MDKK 1,300 - 1,699 2600-3399 DKK 119,000
Over MDKK 1,700 3400+ DKK 137,000

The membership fee is determined on the basis of your organisation’s total payroll. The number of employees is based on an average annual salary per employee of DKK 500,000.

The membership fee is payable annually and can be terminated in writing with six months’ notice until the end of a calendar year.

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