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Our mission is to assist organizations in identifying the finest employees, accomplished through the utilization of acclaimed tools designed for evaluating abilities, skills, personality, and behavior.

We comprehend the complexities of the recruitment process, and it is with this understanding that we have developed a suite of efficient assessment tools to streamline your hiring workflow and enhance the accuracy of your recruitment endeavors.

Our offerings include logical reasoning tests, personality evaluations, and leadership assessments, all of which provide invaluable insights into your candidates, fortifying the foundation upon which you make your recruitment decisions. Our tools are crafted to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of each candidate, enabling you to make the most informed and strategic hires for your organization.

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Recruitment tools for candidates at every level

Recruiting leaders and specialists

Recruiting the right leaders and specialists is crucial for a company’s value creation. Our tools ensure a thorough and efficient recruitment process.

Aptitude and skills tests: Logical tests at various levels help to uncover how a candidate’s qualifications and skills compare to a norm group.

Personality: For leaders and specialists, we recommend a personality test that provides insight based on 12 central factors into how a candidate will handle specific work tasks and challenges, and how they will fit into a team.

Leadership behavior: Unveils the leader's approach, commitment, and motivation for their role, which is vital for successful leadership and team development.

Recruiting administrative staff, interns, and hourly employees

Skills and abilities: Administrative employees require a versatile set of competencies, which can encompass planning, time management, data processing, and written communication. Our tools are specifically designed to identify the candidate's abilities and skills in areas such as logic, analysis, and spelling.

Personal qualities: Result orientation, ambition, energy, attention to detail, analytical skills, and collaboration are key factors that contribute to the success and well-being of administrative employees in a company. CfL offers a six-factor personality test designed to map out precisely those qualities that are important in recruiting this type of employee.

Enhance your recruitment strategy and ensure you select candidates with the right blend of skills and personal qualities to excel in administrative roles. Discover more about how our tools can transform your hiring process.

Recruitment of executives and senior leaders

A mis-hire at the executive level can have serious consequences for a business, impacting it financially, strategically, and culturally.

Our tools for recruiting top executives are designed to uncover various aspects of a leader’s abilities, behavior, and style that influence the candidate’s success in the role.

Decision-making style: Reveals decision-making habits and behavior in different situations. A match between the candidate’s decision-making habits and the company’s values and strategy can be a crucial factor for achieving success.

Leadership behavior: Unveils the candidate's approach to managing relationships, their interest in, and approach to, developmental tasks, operational tasks, and their fundamental motivation to take on a leadership role.

Logic and consideration: Tests the candidate’s abilities and skills in areas such as analysis, logic, and speed. The tests are available at various levels and allow for comparison of the leader with a norm group.

Ensure the success and alignment of your top-level recruitments with our specialized tools, designed to provide deep insights and support strategic hiring decisions.

Succeed in onboarding

The tests utilized in the recruitment process unveil candidates’ strengths and areas for development, ready to be further explored once the employee is on board. This marks the first step towards successful onboarding, accompanied, of course, by a warm welcome.

The next step involves delving into our profiling tools, all rooted in the individual's needs and preferences. This empowers you to create personalized and tailored onboarding programs, ensuring that new employees, leaders, and specialists hit the ground running.

To add even more quality to our recruitment process, we have chosen to supplement our toolkit with CfL Personality Focus Profile - 12 factor for salaried employees and CfL Personality Focus Profile - 6 factor for hourly workers. And this has been widely accepted across our organization! The result is a deep insight into the candidate's preferences, constructively contributing to the selection process for both managers and HR alike. Moreover, candidates often end up learning something new about themselves as well.
Margrete Larsen, Human Resources Director, VERDO A/S

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