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CfL develops exceptional leaders and organisations

Welcome to CfL

CfL is short for Center for Leadership. We are a management house, which means that we offer the full spectrum of services needed to develop leaders and organizations. Now and in the future.

CfL's purpose is to raise the quality of leadership, and the unique thing about CfL is that we are owned by the members. All companies - private as well as public - can become members.

CfL is a non-profit organisation. As a member, your organization becomes part of the CfL Community, which forms the core of CfL.

The other entrances to CfL are Consulting, Courses & Programmes, Networks and Assessment tools.

Our team of experts consists of experienced consultants and highly trained specialists, and the team works across Community, Consulting, Courses & Programmes, Assessment tools, and Networking. This ensures that you and your organization are always met with the strongest professional capacities.

You can read about the many entrances to CfL under the individual business areas:

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CfL raises the quality of leadership in Denmark

As a member of CfL or as a customer in one or more of the various businesses, you not only obtain a number of benefits. You also join our purpose, which is to raise the quality of leadership in Denmark.

We believe that leadership is the single factor that has the greatest and most lasting effect on value creation. It is therefore the focal point of all activities in CfL, and today we have a particularly well-functioning development palette.

In collaboration with our member companies and the CfL Advisory Board, we set the agenda each year for the themes and trends that have the greatest importance for good leadership.

Members of the CfL-Community can freely participate with all their managers and HR professionals in a number of events, which for many companies form the foundation of ongoing leadership development.

The management of CfL

CfL is owned by the members and managed by a board elected at the general meeting. The board is elected for two years at a time.

The day-to-day management is handled by Thomas Hanssen, Anja Neiiendam and Peter Bergsagel.

You can read about CfL's statutes here

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Contact CfL's management

Thomas Hanssen
Thomas Hanssen

Phone: +45 2098 3911
Email: tha@cfl.dk

Anja Neiiendam
Anja Neiiendam

Phone: +45 5154 4182
Email: ane@cfl.dk

Peter Bergsagel
Peter Bergsagel

Phone: +45 2452 5957
Email: pbe@cfl.dk