HR law

Are you on top of legislation and rules? 

HR law is complex and can take time to get to grips with.

Which is why we offer you and your organisation advice, input, and tuition on HR law. The correct information and advice allow you to save time and avoid making costly mistakes. We are specialists in HR law. We are legal professionals with extensive experience in HR and leadership and keep up to date on the latest legislation, rules and case law in these domains.

It is important that HR staff or managers are familiar with HR law. Lack of knowledge causes needless problems – both human and financial. We are ready to advise, guide and bring you up to speed on HR law so that you can do what you are best at without spending your time concerned about legal issues.

You can get advice and input from us via the HR Legal Hotline. We also teach HR law – to both HR staff and managers. We will be pleased to visit your premises to provide in-house training courses. We also have a dedicated network for HR staff, payroll staff and managers keen to stay updated on HR law.

HR Legal Hotline

Our HR Legal Hotline gives you free access to telephone advice and input on HR legal issues or specific personnel cases.

The hotline is free for our member companies. Both management and HR are free to use the hotline every weekday.

Enterprises that are not members of CfL’s Community can purchase a subscription to our hotline.

HR Law - Consultancy

If your organisation needs HR legal advice beyond the scope of our HR Legal Hotline, we can offer legal consulting services tailored to your needs and preferences.

We can, for example, assist with the transition to the new Danish Holiday Act, review your HR templates (employment contracts, changes to terms and conditions, terminations, etc.) or run a compliance check on your staff policies or employee manuals.


HR Law for HR and managers

As an HR employee or manager with staff responsibilities, you need to know the basic HR legal rules. Our courses ‘HR Law’ and ‘HR Law for Managers’ are aimed at those who need to review or brush up on the HR legal rules. The courses provide an effective and manageable overview with examples from practice, so that you can avoid the classic pitfalls in the HR legal space.

We also offer in-house training courses for enterprises (offered in both Danish and English).

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Dorte Solholt
Head of HR law

P: +45 51544165

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