Better Leaders. Better Results.

Our purpose is to raise the quality of leadership.

Owned by 200+ Danish organizations

CfL is a leadership center with the mantra: Better leaders. Better results.

Our purpose is to elevate the quality of leadership in Denmark, and our goal is to make good leaders even better. We achieve this by offering competence development, consulting,networking,psycometric instruments, and last but not least: the CfL Community - a community you become a part of when you join us as a member.

CfL operates as a member-owned entity

CfL is a member-owned association, comprising approximately 200 Danish businesses and organizations from both the private and public sectors. Our members form the CfL Community.

Membership in CfL grants you complimentary access to a variety of services and events, allowing all your leaders and HR professionals to freely participate in the majority of activities organized by the association. This serves as a fundamental component of continuous leadership development for numerous companies. In addition to events and discounts, your membership also provides access to a complimentary HR legal hotline and a series of webinars, ensuring you have the resources you need for success.

Courses and programs

Our courses and leadership development programs are meticulously crafted, striking a thoughtful balance between theory and practical application. We prioritize hands-on training and exercises that are immediately applicable to your work, ensuring that you leave each session stronger and smarter, regardless of your experience level—be it a novice leader or a seasoned executive.

Consulting services

CfL boasts a robust team of seasoned advisors and specialists with a profound understanding of leadership disciplines, ready to provide management consulting across all levels. Collaboratively, we work with you to devise tangible solutions addressing your critical challenges.

Assessment tools

Enhance your recruitment and development processes with our acclaimed assessment tools. CfL is a proud advocate for quality and ethical practices in all our operations.

Forward-thinking businesses leverage testing and profiling tools to bolster the employee journey, creating a seamless integration between recruitment, onboarding, development, talent management, cultural assessment, and retention. At CfL, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services to support every stage of this journey, all in one place.


In CfL's professional networks, you will connect with other leaders and experts in your field, engaging in valuable discussions and sharing expertise throughout the year. These interactions ensure both personal and professional development across the group, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

CfL brings together like-minded individuals from various sectors, creating a space for sharp debates and open sharing of professional experiences, ultimately building strong and supportive relationships. As a network participant, you have a significant influence on the agenda, ensuring that the discussions are relevant and beneficial to your growth.

What is the purpose of CfL?

We recognize that leadership is the single most influential factor in driving results within Danish companies and organizations. That’s why our primary mission at CfL is to elevate the quality of leadership across Denmark.

By focusing on this goal, we aim to empower leaders and their teams, fostering an environment where continuous learning, innovation, and excellence in leadership are not just encouraged, but are integral to the success of every organization we work with. Join us in our mission to transform leadership and drive unparalleled success throughout the Danish business landscape.


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Anja Neiiendam

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