We can assist you with strategic consulting

From objectives through analysis to execution.

Common challenges we can assist with

We’re aiming for growth, but don’t know how or where it’s going to come from
We’re aiming for increased competitiveness through innovation, but don’t know how to achieve that
We have many business areas, but are unsure if they’re positioning us for the future
We need a turnaround, but only have one shot at it
We’re targeting greater diversity and agility in our organisation, but this is causing problems
We lack the right background data for crafting our strategy
We’ve crafted a strategy, but are failing to execute it
Following a merger, we’re now facing a clash between two cultures

Stay ahead in a volatile world

‘Strategy’ has many definitions, but basically, a strategy is a long-term plan that sets the direction and goals for your organisation. A strategy defines your long-range objective, and frames executive, boardroom, and staff activities.

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, companies have to constantly realign their strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This can be difficult, as many organisations are stuck in ‘planning mode’ and failing to progress to execution. That said, it is important to bear in mind that strategy is not about crafting the perfect plan, but making the decisions that generate value for your undertaking.

A good strategy is simple, even if the various phases of realising it prove complicated, and it is important not to confuse strategic plans with action plans.

We can assist you with strategic consulting from objectives through analysis to execution.

Did you know that...:

70% of all strategic plans fail

Source: Harvard Business Review

Craft and realise your strategy

We have comprehensive expertise in strategy development and execution, and in designing tailored leadership development programmes. You will discover that we are receptive to your needs, but also take the initiative to explore your other success factors.

Our objective is to partner with you in targeting all efforts at the actions that drive successful outcomes and leadership excellence in your organisation.

We can assist with

Data and analysis

We can help gather and analyse data for your strategy.

Strategy design

We can help design your strategy based on data and analysis.

Strategy execution

We can help get your strategy executed so you achieve your objectives.

Change processes

We are experts in the change processes that strategy execution entail.

Our approach

5 core questions to guide strategy design

We work according to the principle that strategy should not be overly complicated and exhaustive, but equally that it does not end up as a slew of CEO buzzwords and peptalks.

Basically, an executable strategy should be able to answer to the following:

  1. Who are your ideal customers, and which customers are you not interested in?
  2. What kind of value does your product or service create for your customers? What sets it apart from the competition?
  3. How can you safeguard and retain the value you create – including in the long-term?
  4. What are your biggest barriers to strategy execution? Behaviour, capacity, expertise, competition or regulatory constraints?
  5. What are your must-win battles (your priorities and opt-outs)?

Strategy and action in a single flow

Your strategy should ensure that everyone is pulling in the same general direction, while your human resources are empowered by flexibility, expertise, and autonomy for actionable and adaptable responses to a volatile world.

With us on your team, you will benefit from a process where we help you develop:

  1. A clear-cut strategic direction established as an intention, objective, and framework for your strategy.
  2. An iterative briefing and backbriefing process in which all levels of your organisation gain a well-defined organisation-wide direction for their domain and have the answers to what it will take to realise the strategy.
  3. A culture in which motivation and execution are boosted by striking the right balance between autonomy and a common direction linked to a set of simple rules.
  4. An effective method for addressing challenges when data, execution, and results are elusive.

The 5 phases

Your objective

We start by helping your organisation define a strategy objective. Why this particular strategy? What do you intend to achieve by it?

Process design

Having agreed on the objective, you will be devising a process for the next phase and deciding if you will be pursuing a top-down or bottom-up strategy.

Analysis phase

Analysis can be done to death, so rather than going overboard, focus on identifying your cost and revenue criteria.

Decision-making phase

Based on thorough analysis and assumptions about what is likely to happen, we define your final strategy. This is where you have key decisions to make.

Execution phase

Once the decision has been made, you can start executing your strategy. Some of it may be achieved in next to no time, some will take longer, but from then on, you can start taking stock of your progress.

“With CfL’s help, we gained clarity about where we wanted to be. Having an objective partner really guided the discussion about opt-outs, which are always harder than decisions on what to include and retain. We had those discussions with CfL as ‘devil’s advocate’ challenging our opinions.”

Our experts

“I benefited before from working with one of CfL’s key employees. CfL also presented a convincing concept, which is basically what we have followed ever since,”

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