HR law consultancy

Get advice tailored to your organisation’s needs

If your organisation needs HR legal advice beyond the scope of our HR Legal Hotline, we can offer legal consulting services tailored to your organisation’s needs and preferences.

The advice is targeted at the specific needs of your organisation, HR department or management. We will work with you to tailor an advisory programme or training course to ensure that your organisation’s challenges are resolved to your satisfaction.

Among other things, we help our clients with:

Compliance checks

Reviewing employment contracts, staff policies, employee manuals or other HR legal templates or processes for compliance with HR law.

Personnel matters

Participation in meetings, conciliation negotiations or similar.

Attendance at internal meetings

E.g. departmental meetings, management team meetings or other sessions – on topics such as the new Danish Holiday Act, sickness absences, dismissals, or other topics.

Other forms of HR law consulting

Any situation for which you need HR legal advice.

You will receive specific solution suggestions in line with prevailing legislation and input sessions to resolve HR legal challenges specific to your organisation.

The fee for consulting depends on the scope of the service required.