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Skill building

Our leadership courses and programmes are founded on the Leadership Pipeline model. This means that the correct skill building programme will prepare you to undergo a number of new transitions as you progress through the organisation from one management level to the next. The transitions between each level are demanding, as they require you to acquire new work values, new skills and new priorities, while unlearning others.

Courses & Programmes

New to leadership

New Manager - Leadership toolbox

Whether you are a new or experienced leader from outside Denmark or a specialist stepping into a leadership role, this is the training that will help you succeed in your leadership role.

DKK 15.900,- excl. VAT / 18.900,- excl. VAT

19. June 2024

3 days


Leaders with some experience

SLII Experience™

For managers at all levels – from Team Leader to SVP

DKK 12.200,- excl. VAT / 14.300,- excl. VAT

3. September 2024

2 days



Leading without formal authority

Strengthen your role and your ability to lead, with the benefit of not having the formal authority. To be perceived as a leader because of your reputation, credibility, and influence in the organization.

DKK 15.900,- excl. VAT / 18.900,- excl. VAT

28. October 2024

3 days



Jungian Type Index

Turn differences into benefits – increased understanding, better collaboration, better results.

DKK 18.100 / 21.300

7. November 2024


CfL makes good leaders better. Whether you opt for a fast-track leadership course, a long-term leadership development programme or an HR course, we guarantee a high level of professionalism and relevant content to empower you both managerially and personally.

CfL leadership courses and programmes are acclaimed for their advanced professional content. We take pride in the fact that all our trainers and advisers are experienced and competent in terms of both their discipline and their ability to convey this in the training. This stimulates a high degree of participant activity for maximum benefit from participation in any CfL leadership course.

Our leadership courses are based on your current situation

As a participant, you will be focusing on your own situation, business and strategy. Many of our courses are therefore based on the professional and strategic circumstances you face on a daily basis. In this way, the tools, knowledge and skills you acquire from CfL management courses and leadership programmes can be immediately brought home and put to work in your own organisation.

Whether you are a newly appointed leader, highly experienced in management, an executive or a manager without formal staff responsibilities, CfL can help you boost your organisation and your career by building on your existing skills, your foundation at your current management level, and prepare you for your next career step or the organisation’s next challenge.

We offer a wide range of management courses and leadership development programmes as well as HR courses. We also have a wide range of specialised programmes, such as agile project management, Prince2® project management, personal development, and coaching training.

Feel free to contact us for input and advice on your skill building needs, or explore our range of courses and programmes.

Receive informal advice on choosing a the right course or programme

Our advisers can help you choose the right management course, or put together your own individualised leadership development course. Call us to discuss your options with no-strings attached!

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