HR consulting

We offer consulting on strategic and operational HR in all types of organisations.

HR should support your enterprise, ensuring that the organisation has the resources required for performance excellence. It follows that HR’s main role is attracting, developing, retaining, and offboarding employees.

This entails diverse challenges and tasks at both the strategic and operational level. We offer consulting to all types of organisations.

Common challenges we can assist with:

Planning and optimisation of the HR annual wheel
Skill building – strategic and operational
Strategic and operational recruitment
Crafting your organisation’s HR strategy
Corporate strategy implementation

How we can assist with strategic skill building

✔ Analysis: What will it take for your organisation to realise its objectives? We help you identify the skills you need.  

✔ Mapping: What are your current human resources capabilities? Do you have the right skills, and where are the biggest gaps?

✔ Development: Where is your development potential, and how are you tapping into it? We can assist by training staff and management, individuals and teams.

✔ Recruitment: We can assist with methods and tools for recruiting new employees, so you avoid costly mistakes.

How we can assist with strategy implementation

✔ Involvement and communication: The difference between success and failure is down to your ability to make strategic goals come alive. We can assist HR by facilitating processes and workshops to ensure organisation-wide involvement.     

✔ Mapping your organisational culture: Who are the team players vs. opponents when an organisation is facing major changes? We help you find out by mapping your corporate culture. We help by bringing various models and methods into play.

✔ Mapping your careers culture: How do you achieve goal-setting and sense-making for each individual employee? And how does it align with your strategic objectives? We help you map employee aspirations versus organisational needs. 

6 HR trendspotting tips

  1. AI in HR

Artificial intelligence is already used in HR for screening job candidates and for employee records administration. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will come to play a bigger role in HR, for instance, to facilitate performance management and talent nurture.


  1. The increasing significance of data

HR will increasingly be reliant on data analysis for decision support in recruitment, pay, and perks. HR will also be harnessing data to measure the success of various initiatives and to identify areas for improvement.


  1. Continued growth of the gig economy

The pandemic accelerated the growth of the gig economy, a trend that is likely to continue in the future. HR will have to find ways of attracting and retaining the most talented from this growing group of contractors and freelancers.

  1. Multigenerational leadership

For the first time ever, we now have five distinct generations in the workforce. This places new demands on managers, and requires HR to facilitate how all skills are brought into play to boost creativity and efficiency.


  1. Flexible life/work balance

Increasing experiments with flexible worktime arrangements call for a keener focus on achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life. HR also needs to keep a watchful eye on quiet quitting as tacit self-defence against a disrupted work/life balance.


  1. Wellness programmes

HR has to design effective wellness programmes for employees to thrive. Wellness is increasingly popular as organisations wise up to the benefits of reduced sickness absence rates and increased human productivity.

Examples of clients

Our approach

We work with you

At CfL, our philosophy is that our consulting service should be aligned with your organisation. We work with you to understand your organisation’s specific needs and aspirations, and we design our solutions accordingly. This ensures that the solution we provide is tailored to your organisation and its goals.


Our solutions are designed to help managers and staff not only to achieve their organisational goals, but also develop as individuals. We believe that a holistic approach helps organisations achieve sustainable success.

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If you would like to know more about our approach to HR consulting, please contact us using the form further down this page. We look forward to getting to work, and getting to know you, so we can advise you on the best way forward.


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