CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 12 Factor

Thorough and in-depth dialogue is essential

The test is used when you desire a comprehensive discussion about specific aspects of the candidate's personality to ensure success within the team or with their portfolio of tasks.

12 Factor serves as a structured dialogue tool during the recruitment interview, ensuring that the test's results do not stand alone, but instead contribute to the conversation between the candidate and the recruiting manager and HR partner. Furthermore, the tool is divided into four main areas, ensuring that the conversation always revolves around the key elements relevant to almost all jobs.

Four key elements covered in 12 Factor


This element of the assessment focuses on a candidate's internal motivation, providing insights into what drives and motivates them in their daily work. It reveals their preferred pace, level of ambition, and focus when it comes to progressing in their job.


This aspect describes how an individual responds in high-pressure situations and the extent to which they possess insight and understanding of both themselves and others. It also sheds light on how these qualities manifest in their behavior.


This factor focuses on an individual's approach to task-solving. It assesses whether they emphasize details, analysis, creativity, or a combination of these when it comes to completing tasks.


This factor pertains to how the individual engages in relationships with others and the impact this has on task completion.

Standardization Qualifies Selection

By using personality tests, organizations standardize their entire recruitment process, strengthening the correlation between otherwise separate hiring stages. This increases the likelihood that the organization hires the right candidate who aligns best with the company's values - every time.

The construction of 12 Factor is designed to ensure an accurate portrayal of the candidate and make it easier to differentiate between candidates. This way, we get a clear picture of who the candidate is and what strengths and areas of improvement they possess.

Expectation alignment between leader and candidate

Furthermore, during the recruitment interview, you will align expectations on crucial aspects such as leadership expectations, career development aspirations, and self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses. This alignment is based on the ten open-ended questions asked at the end of the test.

The candidate's responses can also be utilized to shape and tailor the subsequent onboarding process. This process can be designed with consideration of the candidate's expressed needs and desires from both the test and the interview.

Free and unlimited support and collaboration

Tests and profiles (reports) are available in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and German

Based on the trait theory and the Five-Factor Model (Big Five)

The test consists of 132 word pairs and 10 open-ended questions

Takes approximately 20-45 minutes to complete

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To get started using CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 12 Factor in your own organization, it costs nothing more than certification in the tool.

Certification costs DKK 15,800 (excl. VAT) for members and DKK 18,600 (excl. VAT) for non-members. In addition, materials are charged for each test conducted. These prices depend on usage. Contact us at for more information.

You do not need certification to use CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 12 Factor in your own organization. Our experienced consultants are happy to assist with the test and provide feedback on specific tasks. Read more here.

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”It is absolutely crucial for Curia's consultants that we have a test that can be used in a recruitment context, and over time, we have found that CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 12 Factor provides the stability needed when assessing expected future behavior in candidates”
Michael Reffstrup, Managing Partner at the headhunting company Curia
User Testimonial

Lars Astrup, Chief Consultant at the Danish National Police

”When developing our leaders to the next level in the Danish National Police, we use the BTB recruitment tool (CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 12 Factor).”

”I have worked with personality tests for almost 20 years, and BTB is useful for uncovering potential challenges in candidates because the test's 12 behavioral factors are relevant and easy to understand. It works well for both the consultant conducting the test and the candidate receiving feedback. I really like that.”

”It is very important to me that the feedback tool in the test is linguistically well-developed, allowing consultants to use it directly in the subsequent dialogue. I would also highlight the network support at CfL in the form of workshops and experience-sharing meetings, which is one of the reasons why the Danish National Police continues to choose CfL as a test provider.”

”The choice of CfL is influenced by our longstanding membership. That's where the collaboration began, and we trust CfL as an organization and your deliverables. It goes beyond the test tool. The Danish National Police has gained significant value from our membership over the years.”

Lars Astrup, chefkonsulent i Rigspolitiet
Lars Astrup, chefkonsulent i Rigspolitiet

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