CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 6 Factor

6 Factor is a simple and easily accessible tool for recruiting and onboarding. 6 Factor is relevant when time is limited, yet there is still a need for a structured, standardized, and engaging recruitment process.

Use the test to create structure in your discussion around a few but relevant themes and achieve the best match between the applicant's personal competencies and the job requirements.

It can be a challenging and time-consuming process to pinpoint a candidate — especially if the conversation doesn't flow naturally. Here, 6 Factor provides structure and content for the conversation.

The six factors measured by the test, along with open-ended questions, ensure that the discussion revolves around what's essential: finding out what the applicant can do and has experienced in the past, and what the applicant wants and is prepared for in the future.

Key information about 6 Factor


This type of test supports the shorter recruitment process for roles such as:

  • Service Staff
  • Production Workers
  • Hourly Employees
  • Temporary Workers
  • Trainees/Apprentices


This test is suitable for:

  • Providing a suitable insight into the applicant's personality without being too comprehensive.
  • Creating a good starting point for a dialogue with the applicant.
  • Providing you with knowledge about which personality traits you may need to pay attention to in relation to the newly hired employee.
  • Organizations, and applicants who are not accustomed to tests or job interviews.

Two main areas


  • Drive relates to internal motivation and provides insights into what a person thrives on in daily life. What pace, level of ambition, and focus does one prefer regarding progress in the job.


  • Task relates to the focus placed on task resolution. It becomes clear whether one values details, analysis, and/or creativity when it comes to resolving tasks.

The six factors

As the name suggests, the test measures six factors:

Drive Factors:

  • Result-oriented
  • Energy
  • Ambition

Task Factors:

  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration

In addition to these six parameters, the test also includes a series of open-ended questions that can facilitate dialogue.

Free and unlimited support and guidance

Test: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, German. Report: Danish, English

Based on the trait theory and the Five-Factor Model

Standardized questionnaire and open-ended questions

Completed in 10-15 minutes

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To get started using CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 6 Factor in your own organization, it only requires certification in the tool. Certification costs DKK 9,000 (excluding VAT) for members and DKK 10,600 (excluding VAT) for non-members.

In addition, materials are charged for each test conducted. These prices depend on usage. Contact us at for more information.

You do not need certification to use CfL-Personality Focus Profile - 6 Factor in your own organization. Our experienced consultants are happy to assist with tests and feedback on specific tasks. Read more here.

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