Decision Dynamics Career Model™

Utilize the Decision Dynamics Career Model™ to uncover your organization's career culture and individual career motivations.

The Decision Dynamics Career Model™ provides multiple perspectives on career culture, identifying clear career paths within the organization for all employees, whether they are specialists, managers, or consultants.

By examining a team's career culture and each employee's career motivations, the Career Model™ makes it easier for individual leaders to revitalize performance appraisal discussions and foster a culture that motivates on multiple levels.

Strategy Implementation

The Decision Dynamics Career Model™ provides insights into whether the overall business strategy aligns with the team and individual employee's goals. Therefore, use this tool as a strategic asset in your organizational development efforts.

With The Decision Dynamics Career Model™, you can uncover your organization's career culture. This knowledge can be highly valuable as you embark on strategy implementation and internal communication initiatives.

Recruitment, retention, talent development, and collaboration

The Decision Dynamics Career Model™ is an ideal tool for strategically managing recruitment, retention, and talent development. With Decision Dynamics Career Model™, you can uncover your organization's career culture as well as the subcultures within individual teams. This can help ensure a strong and long-lasting match between the organization and its employees. Furthermore, understanding the career culture is crucial for talent development, as the tool provides specific recommendations for focus areas.

Additionally, the Decision Dynamics Career Model™ can be beneficial for team development and improving internal collaboration. It can also provide leaders with insights into what rewards and recognition motivate both the team and individual employees the most.

Career clarity and coaching

Whether you're an internal or external consultant, this tool is ideal for career counseling, career clarification, and coaching.

The Decision Dynamics Career Model™ is unique because it uncovers four specific career patterns that have been scientifically proven to have a significant impact on an individual's motivation. Furthermore, these four patterns can be directly observed in the career culture. As a consultant, you can systematically work on how individuals and organizations interact, addressing the challenges and potential that exist in this dynamic relationship.

”Motivation needs to be nurtured and developed, but at different times and in different periods of our lives. What sets the Career Model apart is that it transcends past titles or future titles. It's about you and where you are right here and now.”

Troels Seerup, Career Advisor in the unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) CA

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To get started with Decision Dynamics Career Model™ in your own organization, all you need is certification in the tool.

Certification costs DKK 18,100 (excl. VAT) for members and DKK 21,300 (excl. VAT) for non-members. In addition, materials are charged for each test conducted. These prices depend on usage. Contact us at to learn more.

You do not need certification to use Decision Dynamics Career Model™ in your organization. Our experienced consultants are happy to assist with testing and feedback on specific tasks. Read more here.

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The questionnaires are available in 15 languages. Profiles/reports are available in five languages

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