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Get a tool that can uncover the preferred decision-making styles of leaders and leadership teams and compare them to a best-in-class profile for their respective leadership levels.

It's not the same for every leader when it comes to making decisions. Research in the field supports a clear link between leaders' preferred decision-making styles and their success from their first leadership role to their last. In other words, leaders need to be able to change their decision-making approach as they move from one leadership level to another.

Use Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ for leadership development and identify each leader's preferred decision-making style. At the same time, gain an understanding of the importance of being able to switch between decision-making styles, including those that may not come naturally to a leader at first glance.

Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ can be used when you need to map, select, or develop a person's decision-making style

What is the basis for the decision?

We make decisions all the time, but we don't make them in the same way. With Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™, we can illuminate leaders' ability to use the four decision-making styles:

  • Decisive: Quick, action-oriented, efficient
  • Flexible: Quick, action-oriented, adaptable
  • Hierarchical: Analytical, methodical, logical, quality-conscious
  • Integrative: Analytical, inquisitive, creative

There will always be one or more of the four styles that you are more inclined to use, but the more styles you have in your repertoire, the better decision-making processes will unfold.

Use Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ for development and insight into decision styles, and become better at making the right decisions at the right time — based on an appropriate amount of information.

Developing the Leadership Team

Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ is a valuable tool for use in a leadership team, as it provides a unique opportunity to understand and appreciate the differences among leaders when it comes to decision-making.

By using this tool, you can gain a better understanding of how decisions are made within the group, both during and after meetings. Some leaders may prefer a faster decision-making process, while others may prefer a more thorough and comprehensive one. This can be a strength, as it ensures that decisions are made in a balanced manner.

Having a diverse approach to decision-making will have a positive impact on subsequent meetings and dialogues. When you are aware of the different decision styles, you can work together more easily to achieve the best results and understand the consequences of your decisions. It is an opportunity to create a more inclusive and effective leadership team where all voices are heard and respected.

Use the tool for recruitment

In addition to having the right professional skills, any leader should be able to make decisions, motivate and develop employees, as well as manage and follow up on the company's processes and initiatives. This makes leadership recruitment an important but complex discipline.

The importance of having leaders who are action-oriented and capable of making decisions makes Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ a valuable tool for recruiting new leaders.

The tool primarily identifies the candidate's decision-making habits, ensuring that the person is capable of making the decisions required for the leadership role. This provides your organization with greater confidence that the leader can handle the job successfully from the outset.


Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ was developed by Michael J. Driver, a researcher at the University of Southern California, and the model is based on more than 20 years of research conducted by Driver and his colleagues.

The model consists of two basic parts:

  1. One part deals with the amount of information a person typically uses (not just receives) in problem-solving and decision-making.
  2. The other part focuses on attention: Whether a person typically "zooms in" on an angle of attack or solution, or whether the person creates a range of different alternatives or options.

Some styles are characterized by a very broad focus, while others have a very narrow focus.

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For leaders at all levels and potential leaders

Developed by Professor Michael J. Driver (1936-2004)

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In addition, materials are paid for each test conducted. These prices depend on usage.

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”With Decision Styles, we want cadets to learn to reflect on which decision style they should use in a given situation, but also to use the tool to free the process from what they have otherwise been trained in. They should be trained to act beyond what they have learned because they are now in a new context.”

Lennart Schou Jeppsen, Teacher at the Royal Danish Defence Academy, Institute of Leadership and Organizational Development

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