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Refine your leadership approach with SLII®

With SLII®, leaders gain the tools to motivate their teams and supercharge outcomes.

In an era marked by relentless change, your leadership needs an agile perspective. This approach offers a clear-cut strategy, guiding based on individual situations, and paving the way for team success.

It's about fostering authentic dialogue that empowers individuals to take action, truly valuing their well-being and growth, and acting as a beacon of inspiration.

SLII® presents leaders with an intuitive toolkit, amplifying their self-awareness of their leadership approach. Embarking on this journey promises to be profoundly enriching.


of leaders use only one leadership style, regardless of the situation (source).

Exceptional leaders excel at providing their teams with what they need, exactly when they need it.

Used by over 10,000 organizations worldwide

Renowned worldwide and offered in 15+ languages

Universally applicable across sectors, languages, and job functions

Grounded in over three decades of research and practical expertise

Boost Trust and Drive Results

At the heart of SLII® is the belief that leadership should be fluid, adjusting to an employee's task competence and readiness. This translates to fine-tuning the balance of guidance, encouragement, autonomy, and feedback provided to each individual.

By gauging an employee's skills, insights, and enthusiasm in specific scenarios, leaders can adjust their tactics to support their team most effectively.

Such versatility in leadership not only ensures team members feel recognized and supported but also cultivates an environment rich in trust, collaboration, and outstanding results.

Pinpoint Individual Motivational Drivers

Adopting SLII® empowers your leaders to pinpoint and understand the unique motivational factors of each team member, adjusting their leadership styles accordingly.

By aligning leadership tactics with individual needs, you'll foster heightened motivation and engagement among employees. This ensures team members feel acknowledged, valued, and supported, leading to increased job satisfaction and enhanced performance. Moreover, it can significantly reduce staff turnover.

Vibeke Juul Dalengaard, program manager for leadership development at Holstebro Kommune: 

Our participants have responded surprisingly well to the SLII® concept . This includes the video component, which has a distinct American origin.
They found a balanced mix between video content, exercises, and presentations, which complemented each other effectively, and there was a consistent theme throughout.
Helle Pank Lund (left) og Vibeke Juul Dalengaard (right)
Helle Pank Lund (left) og Vibeke Juul Dalengaard (right)

Accelerate growth

With SLII®, you can accelerate the growth of your team, learning to tailor your leadership approach to each member's unique needs.

Establish a Unified Language

A shared language reduces misunderstandings and frustrations, also curbing micromanagement. The outcome? Enhanced trust within the organization.

Retain top talent

Adaptable leadership that meets employees' needs strengthens their commitment. This fosters dedication, promotes loyalty, and reduces turnover.

Fuel creativity

When employees feel recognized, listened to, and backed, their engagement soars. High engagement is the gateway to innovation and creativity—a true treasure for leaders.

With SLII® concepts, you gain access to training materials, available at your convenience:

  • Instructor's manual
  • PowerPoint presentation with educational content, videos, and exercises.

Target audience: SLII® concepts are designed for  internal/external consultant looking to facilitate SLII® within your own or clients' organization.

Note: No preliminary courses are needed.

For each session you facilitate, additional training materials for each participant will need to be purchased separately.

In this intensive one-day session, participants will dive into the theory and conceptual framework, supplemented by exercises and conversational training. While it follows the four-step learning path of the two-day course, the content is streamlined for efficiency.

Pre-course: Homework assignments to prime managers on the essence of working with SLII®.

Course Highlights:

  • Activities introducing leaders to new skills and furnishing them with the language to lead situationally.
  • Hands-on exercises, allowing leaders to cultivate skills while addressing their unique work challenges.
  • Post-course tools and resources to reinforce and sustain SLII® expertise.

Practical Details: Location: CfL (Copenhagen or Aarhus) or as an in-house session within your organization. Duration: 1 day (8 hours) in-person.

Who Should Attend:

  • Newly-minted managers or those with some experience.
  • HR or organizational consultants.
  • Individuals aiming for SLII® certification to facilitate this course within their own company. For them, this course is a prerequisite. See below for details.

Please note: Before pursuing any potential certification (SLII Experience - Certification), completion of SLII Experience™ is mandatory, either as this one-day course, the two-day open course, or as part of a leadership development initiative in your organization.

In this comprehensive open course on SLII Experience™, participants will become proficient in situational leadership. The journey is structured around a four-step learning path, with engaging, hands-on training that offers ample opportunities for practicing new behavioral patterns. The learning journey includes:

  • Homework assignments, prepping them on the nuances of situational leadership.
  • Activities that instill new skills and arm them with the vernacular to lead based on specific situations. Opportunities for participant interaction are integrated.
  • Exercises tailored to their real-world scenarios, helping them develop new skills and practice the SLII® lexicon. They'll delve into familiar workplace situations, understanding how to adjust their leadership approach, and engaging in SLII® conversations.
  • Post-course tools and resources available to reinforce and sustain their mastery of SLII®.


Practical Details:

Location: CfL (Copenhagen or Aarhus) or as an in-house program within your organization.

Duration: 2 days (16 hours in total) in-person.

Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders, whether newly minted or with some experience.
  • HR or organizational consultants.
  • Those aiming for SLII® certification to lead this course in their own companies.

Note: Before opting for potential certification (SLII Experience - Certification), you must have completed SLII Experience™, either through this two-day open course or the one-day variant. It can also be as part of a leadership development program in your organization.

With the SLII Experience™ certification, you'll gain the expertise to teach and evolve your entire organization with the SLII® leadership concept. The Blanchard learning design - The SLII Experience™ - employs learning techniques that deeply engage participants, enabling them to apply SLII® comprehensively.

The certification process readies you as a prospective instructor to introduce SLII® within your organization. This ensures you have the skills to facilitate the SLII® Experience effectively.

During the certification course, you'll be introduced to the teaching materials incorporated in the SLII® Experience. Additionally, you'll engage in numerous exercises preparing you to deliver the course within your organization. Training materials are structured for both classroom delivery and virtual sessions.


Practical Details:

  • Location: CfL (Copenhagen Ø) or as an in-house training seesion within your organization.
  • Duration: 2 days (16 hours in total) in-person.


Who should attend:

  • Internal HR or organizational consultants.
  • Those keen on embedding SLII® within their organization.

Note: Before enrolling in this SLII Experience™ - Certification, you must have completed the SLII Experience™, either through the one-day course, two-day open course, or as part of a leadership development initiative in your organization."

Boost Leaders' Flexibility and Insight

Simply put, SLII® empowers leaders to fine-tune their adaptability. The approach provides them with practical tools to navigate different leadership styles, ensuring they align with individual employees and diverse situations. The ability to modify one's leadership style on-the-fly stands out as a key benefit of SLII®."

Strengthen Leadership Communication and Let Your Employees Flourish

SLII® emphasizes the importance of communication and feedback between leaders and their teams. Through consistent dialogue, leaders can gain deeper insights into their employees' needs, concerns, and challenges. This understanding enables them to provide timely feedback and adjust their support accordingly, ensuring employees have the resources and guidance they need to succeed.
With SLII®, your leaders can fine-tune their leadership techniques to mesh with diverse employee temperaments and ways of communicating, enhancing team-wide communication and cooperation.

Standardized Employee Development Across International Boundaries

The integration of SLII® lets your managers in standardize and tailor employee development across international borders. It provides insight into when an employee requires training and development to perform their role efficiently and productively. SLII® offers a universally recognized language and methodology, ensuring consistent practices globally.

Simple to Grasp. Timelessly Relevant. 

Think the SLII® methodology seems straightforward? You're spot on. While the method is simple, its impact is profound. Even 30+ years after its introduction by Blanchard®, its relevance remains unwavering. However, even with its simplicity, mastering it requires practice and dedication to truly embed it within an organization.


Situational leadership is a management theory and tool conceived by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard in the 1970s. SLII® builds upon this by emphasizing the adjustment of leadership style to cater to an individual employee's skill level and enthusiasm, aiming to boost their performance and growth. According to SLII®, leaders should tailor their leadership approach based on the situations they encounter and each employee's distinct needs. The SLII® model presents four distinct leadership styles, each tailored for various situations:

  1. Directive Approach: Used when an employee is novice and requires clear, step-by-step guidance to perform tasks accurately.
  2. Coaching Style: Employed when an employee possesses some skills but still needs guidance and support to enhance their performance.
  3. Supportive Style: Optimal for employees with moderate experience and skill, who still benefit from support and acknowledgment to maintain their motivation and performance.
  4. Delegative Approach: Best suited for highly experienced and skilled employees who can autonomously manage their tasks.

Moreover, the SLII® model places a strong emphasis on cultivating a positive, supportive work culture and encourages employees to take charge of their own growth and learning.

Trust CfL for Training and Facilitation

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