Leadership development

We assist all types of organisations with leadership development. Our programmes are geared to all corporate leaders, in any sector, because we focus on leadership as a discipline to be acquired and cultivated.

Leadership development is key to organisational success

In a volatile world, leadership excellence matters more than ever. Successful organisations today are characterised by their adaptability and agility in the face of change. Leadership excellence is the key to accomplishing that.

At CfL, we offer a wide range of leadership development services designed to help managers in any organisation realise their full potential.

We tailor our programmes specifically to each individual client, working closely with you and your team to ensure that your needs are met.

Common challenges we can assist with:

Establishing a leadership platform
Training managers and management teams
Leadership coaching at all levels
Measuring leadership skills
Team leadership and team training
Change leadership, values, and culture
Measuring employee engagement
Measuring employee readiness for change

We help you and your organisation achieve your goals

For maximum benefit, leadership development should always be embedded in the organisation and platformed on its strategy.

Leadership development programmes embedded in your organisation’s strategy are more likely to be on-point, engaging, and effective. This is because they will be specifically aligned with your organisational goals and priorities. Furthermore, executive training programmes that address your organisation’s specific challenges and context are more likely to achieve lasting results.

Organisations that invest in executive training stand to benefit from the following:

✔ Improved performance

✔ Increased employee commitment

✔ Enhanced team productivity

✔ Increased adaptability to change

The aim is to place leadership development in the right strategic change context so that your executive training programme genuinely accomplishes transformation in your organisation.

We can assist you in designing an executive training programme to support your organisation at any stage of its development. In partnership with you, we help empower your leaders and instil change organisation-wide.

Did you know that:

Leadership development has greater impact when it is linked into the organisation’s strategy, culture, and organisational design. 

Source: Harvard Business Review

Our approach

We work with you

At CfL, our philosophy is that executive training should be personalised and adapted to your organisation. We work with you to understand your organisation’s specific needs and aspirations, and we design our programmes accordingly. This ensures that the executive training programme we provide is tailored to your organisation and its goals.


Individualised executive training

We also focus on both strategic and personal leadership. This means that our programmes are designed to help executives and managers not only to achieve their organisational goals, but also develop as individuals. We believe that a holistic approach to executive training helps organisations achieve sustainable success.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about our approach to executive training, please contact us using the form further down this page. We look forward to getting to work, and getting to know you, so we can advise you on the best way forward.

“CfL is a leadership centre. It’s your raison d’être. Bravida is a real people company, so it’s crucial for us to stay focused on leadership and to keep insisting that leadership excellence matters. I think CfL is eminently capable of supporting and challenging us on that.”

Our experts

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Senior Relations Manager
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