HR Legal Hotline

Read about all the benefits of the HR Legal Hotline and its limitations.

HR law is an integral part of CfL’s leadership foundation. Our advice is always based on a holistic approach to specific cases and to assisting organisations with a practical solution to the vast majority of HR legal issues.


Who can access the hotline?

The management and HR staff of CfL’s member organisations have free access to telephone advice regarding legal HR issues and confidential input on specific personnel matters.

Non-members can purchase a 6-month or 12-month subscription to the hotline.

The hotline can be contacted daily by phone or by email, and inquiries are answered by phone.


What does the legal advice include?

The advice covers individual positions with Danish enterprises in accordance with Danish law.

Among other things, we provide advice on:

  • Employment contracts
  • Holidays, maternity leave and sick leave
  • Changes to terms & conditions
  • Disciplinary warnings, terminations and severance agreements
  • Anti-discrimination

As the collective agreement coverage among CfL’s member organisations differs, and because the expertise in interpreting those agreements, etc. lies with the parties to the agreement, our advice does not include specific collective agreement matters. But we have a general knowledge of the collective bargaining system, and a large network, and can therefore provide useful advice in many cases.

We do not offer to draw up legal documents, but we will be pleased to comment on HR’s draft of, e.g. a disciplinary warning or a severance agreement, and we can often provide a standard document that can be adapted to specific situations.

Not included in the hotline, are:

  • Executive contracts
  • Tax matters, employment of non-Danish employees, secondments, social security, international HR law, etc.
  • Civil service or administrative law issues
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Share and option schemes, as well as incentive-based salary models
  • Complex data protection law issues (GDPR)
  • Contracts with self-employed consultants


How can we help

If the issue is beyond the hotline’s scope, we will be pleased to help dissect the issue and offer suggestions for how your organisations can proceed with the issue.

CfL cannot represent the company in legal proceedings, but we are available for feedback sessions and to provide input for conciliation talks, possibly before a case comes to court.

And if your organisation needs further legal assistance, we will be pleased to arrange contact with one of the law firms we work with.