Do you want to succeed with tests?

Assessment tools for development and recruitment

Since 1989, we have been an acclaimed, high-profile provider of business tests in Denmark. We are staunch advocates of standards and ethics.

CfL emphasises the development and expansion of our range of testing tools so that we can support the needs of both management and employee development, as well as recruitment. We have a number of tools to optimise collaboration and boost performance.

CfL’s objects

We raise the quality of leadership in Denmark. We develop leaders through consultancy, networking, courses, and testing tools.

No. 1

CfL has developed its own tools for both development and recruitment, and CfL is among the most acclaimed in the testing tools market.

How we operate

We have the industry’s most flexible partnering model, which can be customised to meet your needs.

Recruitment and development

Discover CfL’s Assessment tools, which have global strength and impact. We have a number of tools to optimise collaboration and boost performance.

Hire the right employees Success is achieved when core tasks and employee skills are matched. Discover the secrets of successful recruitment.
Turn differences into profits Investing in management and employee development improves your bottom line. Read more about management and employee development.

Want to know more?

Mette Babitzkow Boje
Head of Psychometric Instruments

P: +45 53 67 67 91
E: mba@cfl.dk

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