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Gain inspiration for management and staff development in your organisation!

Do you have the right tools for developing managers and staff in your organisation? CfL offers you a wide range of tools to support diverse needs.

Relationships and collaboration are key to performance excellence and efficiency. Activities to boost relationships and collaboration are thus an essential development task in any organisation.

CfL can, for example, offer the Jungian Type Index, which focuses on building relationships and the value of differences to create synergy and great results.


Team development and collaboration are also supported by the Team Compass, which is directly based on the Jungian Type Index.

Good and effective staff management is the cornerstone in ensuring efficiency and well-functioning relationships and teams. SLII® is one of the world’s most widely used leadership training programmes in the world.

Efficiency and execution are high on the agenda for managers and management teams. The Decision Styles tool focuses on the important aspects of the decision-making processes, both individually and in groups. The tool is ideal for coaching and individual development as well as developing management teams.

Career Development and Talent Management are the keys to the future of any business. How do we work best with our talents and ensure development that caters for both the individual’s motivation and aspirations and the organisation’s needs? Do we have the right career paths and the right assessment and reward systems?

The career model focuses on both the individual and the organisation to ensure the right match.

Explore tools to facilitate collaboration and drive performance excellence

Jungian Type Index

Turn differences into advantages.

The Jungian Type Index (JTI) is the tool that

  • Gives the individual insight into their own strengths and improvement points
  • Supports collaboration and relationships by establishing a common frame of reference that facilitates discussion and understanding of differences
  • Is used for, among other things, leadership development, relationship work and as a dialogue tool within organisations
  • Jungian Type Index has a Danish database of over 3,000,000 completed profiles, and is one of the most widely-used tools in the Danish business community

Team Compass

Be prepared for any management challenge.

The Team Compass is a team-building tool that:

  • Is based on the Jungian Type Index (JTI)
  • Identifies 8 team roles based on JTI
  • Focuses on synergies and collaboration within a team

Career Model

Find the track to advance your career.

The Career Model helps to create valuable career and skill building programmes:

  • Balance the organisation’s needs with employee aspirations
  • Explore career paths other than manager and specialist – view them here
  • Clarify the career path for talents at the start of the talent programme
  • Get more out of annual appraisals or career interviews
  • The Career Model is also used for cultural analysis in strategy work or in organisational reviews

Decision Styles

Acquire better decision-making habits.

Decision Styles gives the manager/management team better conditions for effective decision-making:

  • Gain insight into whether the decision-making style matches the management level
  • Boost decision-making habits
  • Compare the different decision-making styles in a management team
  • The profile shows the relationship between job performance at different job levels and the differences between decision-making styles


SLII Experience™ - Certification

Because management excellence is situational.

Gain the skills to train and develop your entire organisation in SLII®.

SLII Experience™ provides the manager with the tools to apply the most effective leadership style for the situation:

  • Break the strategy down into specific goals with the individual employee
  • Learn to assess the employee’s need for management
  • Gain insight into the 4 different leadership styles and your own favourite style
  • The world’s most widely-used leadership model (used by, e.g. Facebook and Amazon)

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