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Our comprehensive suite of organizational development test and profiling tools provides deep insights into your organization's strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential. This empowers leadership and HR to make data-driven decisions.

With many years of experience helping organizations of all sizes and across industries, we deliver comprehensive and effective tools for developing individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Tools for organizational development

Decision Dynamics Career Model™

Understanding the team's and individual's career motivations

Insight into career culture: Gain a deeper understanding of the organization's career culture, including what motivates employees and how to enhance career development for all.

Improved team development: The Career Model™ provides insight into team dynamics, enabling optimization of collaboration, motivation, and productivity.

Enhanced internal communication: The tool's ability to uncover the organization's career culture can help improve internal communication and foster a more positive work environment.

Employee retention: By uncovering employees' career preferences, the organization can support the right career opportunities and retain key employees.

Increased engagement and motivation: Providing employees with clear career paths and understanding their motivations and preferences enables organizations to create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™

Make better and more effective decisions

Making better decisions in the leadership team: Leaders often bear responsibility for strategic decisions that can significantly impact the entire organization. With the tool, you gain an understanding of how your leaders prefer to make decisions and where the potential for better and more effective decisions lies.

Team development: By understanding each other's decision-making styles and their implications for teamwork, you acquire valuable insights into how everyone can contribute to making better decisions.

Increased employee engagement: Knowing each team member's decision-making style enables leaders to provide more meaningful feedback, coaching, and recognition. This leads to increased employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Enhanced succession planning: Decision Dynamics Decision Styles™ can be used to identify potential leaders within the organization based on their decision-making style and performance. It can assist HR in creating more effective succession plans and leadership development programs.

Jungian Type Index (JTI)

Turning differences into advantages

Improved communication and collaboration: JTI helps employees and teams understand each other's preferences and personalities, resulting in better communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Enhanced leadership skills: JTI helps leaders understand their own and their team members' preferences, resulting in better leadership, coaching, and mentoring.

Increased employee motivation: JTI helps employees identify their strengths and preferred work styles, leading to increased motivation, job satisfaction, and engagement.

Enhanced self-awareness: JTI helps individuals understand their own personality preferences, resulting in increased self-awareness, personal growth, and development.

Conflict reduction: JTI promotes understanding and acceptance of individual differences, leading to reduced conflict and increased psychological safety within teams and the organization as a whole.

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