CfL-Ability Focus Profiles

CfL-Ability Focus Profiles consist of a selection of seven different tests that quickly demonstrate a candidate's specific abilities and skills. These tests within the CfL-Ability Focus Profiles shed light on the level of complexity, speed, and accuracy you can expect from a candidate. You can use one or more of these tests when you want to complement a personality test with concrete and practical results.

Enhanced Insight into Candidate's Cognitive Abilities

While a personality test may provide insights into how a person perceives their own skills in dealing with details, ability and skill tests offer precise results that show how fast and how thorough an individual is compared to others.

Sometimes, what we say about ourselves doesn't align with our actual performance. Be curious about these differences and explore what they mean. This provides better insights and selection among candidates.

Insight into concrete skills

These tests provide you with valuable insights into a candidate's concrete skills, including:

  • Logic, Analysis, and Language Comprehension
  • Precision and Speed
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Spelling

Cognitive tests can predict future behavior

Studies consistently show that cognitive tests are one of the best methods for predicting future behavior. If you want to determine which candidate is most likely to succeed in the job, using the cognitive test in CfL-Ability Focus Profiles can be highly beneficial.

The combination of tests provides greater accuracy

The same studies also show that the more assessment elements you use, the higher the probability of selecting the most suitable candidate.

CfL-Ability Focus Profiles allow you to choose relevant tests that, when used together, provide greater accuracy than if you had only used one tool – especially when these tests are also combined with a personality test, a case study, and a structured interview.

The candidate's level should match the position's level

The tests in CfL-Ability Focus Profiles should be aligned with the content and complexity of the job. While we want skilled employees, we should match the competency level with the position so that tasks are neither too challenging nor too easy for the employee. Challenges should fall within an appropriate developmental zone; otherwise, it can create problems for both the organization, the manager, and the employee.

With CfL-Ability Focus Profiles, you gain valuable insight into whether the candidate's level is appropriate for handling the tasks associated with the position.

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Complex tasks, troubleshooting, calculation, spelling, and vocabulary

Illuminates the candidate's level of speed, precision, and complexity

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To get started using CfL-Ability Focus Profiles in your own organization, it costs nothing more than certification in the tool.

Certification costs DKK 9,000 (excl. VAT) for members and DKK 10,600 (excl. VAT) for non-members.

In addition, materials are paid for each test conducted. These prices depend on usage.

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You do not need certification to use CfL-Ability Focus Profiles in your own organization. Our experienced consultants are happy to assist with tests and feedback on specific tasks. Learn more here.

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