The Team Compass

A team is more than just a group of people working in the same department - it takes more than that! So, the first thing you need to determine is whether your team is, in fact, a team or just a group. What's the difference?

To work with The Team Compass, your team needs to be interdependent. There should be a workflow where team members take over from each other and/or are involved in each other's work. With The Team Compass, you take the knowledge of types from Jungian Type Index (JTI) one step further by connecting team members' preferences to the specific tasks that need to be accomplished within the team.

With this tool, we can, on a practical and concrete level, discuss which tasks need to be done, who is doing them, and whether it's the right people performing them.

An extension of JTI

The Team Compass is an extension of the Jungian Type Index (JTI), allowing you to further work with your teams after you have identified their type codes and distributions within the team. The Team Compass connects preferences to the specific tasks within a team and the task flow it involves:

  1. Start-up
  2. Idea generation and analysis
  3. Planning and execution
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Evaluation

Use The Team Compass when you want to optimize work and when you need to select the right employees for a particular task. It also serves as a starting point for a detailed and concrete discussion about how tasks should be carried out in everyday work.

Necessary tasks vs. motivating tasks

We recruit based on employees' competencies, but it doesn't necessarily mean they will thrive in the job. Just being good at something doesn't necessarily mean they find the tasks motivating or satisfying. Therefore, it's essential to strike a balance between essential tasks and tasks that drive employees.

With The Team Compass, as a leader, you can map out the team's strengths and development areas and identify which elements of the work process are well-represented and which are not. This allows you to match the team's tasks with the employees' preferences and ensure they get tasks that align with their motivation and strengths.

The Team Compass provides you with the insight, language, and processes to take the necessary steps to create a workplace where employees thrive and perform at their best.

The eight team roles in The Team Compass:

  1. Informer
  2. Innovator
  3. Communicator
  4. Analyst
  5. Organizer
  6. Implementer
  7. Quality Assurer
  8. Relationship Manager

Free and unlimited support and sparring

The Team Compass builds upon JTI

JTI type codes assign three team roles to each team member, linked to The Team Compass

The report for consultants/team leaders provides insights into the team's distribution in The Team Compass

Profiles/reports are available in six languages

Get started with The Team Compass

To get started using Teamkompasset® in your own organization, all you need is certification in the tool. Certification costs DKK 6,100 (excl. VAT) for members and DKK 7,200 (excl. VAT) for non-members.

In addition, materials are charged for each test conducted, and these prices depend on usage. Contact us at for more information.

You do not need certification to use The Team Compass in your own organization. Our experienced consultants are happy to assist with tests and feedback on specific tasks. Read more here.

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”The dialogue and the space for conversation that we created with The Team Compass were on neutral ground. It was not about what I think of you but rather about the types of profiles we have in our teams and what that means for the way we collaborate and lead.”

Karin Mørk Hansen, Consultant in Hald&Lie

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