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Create a Trust-Driven Work Environment with 'Building Trust'

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and it's especially crucial in the workplace. In fact, the primary factor influencing employee turnover is whether employees and their managers cultivate a relationship rooted in trust. Our 'Building Trust' program teaches your manager the tools and strategies to foster trust, amplifying commitment, creativity, and engagement.

'Building Trust' is the perfect solution for independent professionals and internal HR consultants seeking a tangible approach to demystifying and harnessing the power of trust.

Contents of the facilitation kit

You don't need to attend a workshop or certification course. We'll send the user-friedly kit directly to you, enabling you to quickly start your first workshop at your convenience. The facilitation kit includes:

  • Preparation Guide.
  • Facilitator's Manual with detailed instructions on how to conduct the training, guide exercises, etc.
  • PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos and exercises.
  • Exercise materials.


  • The cost for the facilitation kit is DKK 5,000 excl. VAT (personal kit). When conducting the course, training materials must be purchased per participant. The price per participant material is DKK 600 excl. VAT (minimum order: 10 units).


  • Access the facilitation materials online or have them sent physically. 
  • No prior course is required, but if you have any questions, feel free to learn more about SLII® or contact us.

Lack of trust has significant consequences

We are all familiar with what an organization without trust looks like:

  • Leaders withhold information.
  • Employees engage in gossip.
  • People are afraid to share their concerns.
  • No one takes responsibility.

All of this leads to low morale, declining productivity, high employee turnover, and an unhealthy work environment.

A shared "trust language" helps address conflicts at an early stage

Mutual trust among employees has numerous positive effects in the business context:

  • Enhanced Performance: Employees exhibit higher engagement, seek advice more frequently, and gain self-confidence, particularly in decision-making.
  • Talent Retention: Contented employees are more likely to stay with the company and speak positively about it to others.
  • Increased Creativity: Employees who trust one another are willing to share creative ideas and seek input on new initiatives.
  • Strengthened Collaboration: Colleagues and team members are more inclined to assist each other in completing projects or tasks on time.

Therefore, it is crucial to address trust and implement a "language of trust." This way, potential breaches of trust can be addressed early on, preventing them from escalating into conflicts.

Enhance trust within your organization

Participants gain insights into their own and others' trust-diminishing behaviors during the workshop. The workshop provides tools for addressing situations where trust has been broken, either by oneself or others. Participants receive materials they can share with their colleagues, ensuring that everyone gains an understanding of trust concepts and can collaborate to create a trust-based climate.

Remember: Everyone has an individual definition of trust. The workshop simplifies the process of establishing a common language around trust for your team.

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