Coaching Essentials®

Behind every engaged employee stands a leader with strong coaching abilities

Many leaders underestimate the importance of coaching for their employees' development, growth, and performance.

The Leadership Coaching program, Coaching Essentials®, teaches your leaders how to effectively coach their employees, not just manage them, to boost productivity, foster a culture of trust and autonomy, and deliver better bottom-line results.

If you're interested in facilitating Coaching Essentials® yourself, this facilitation kit will prepare you for the role of facilitator.

One-Day Practical Training Course

Coaching Essentials is a one-day course that equips leaders with coaching skills through an engaging learning experience. You'll receive materials to facilitate a full day, with the following agenda:

  • Pre-course preparation
  • Welcome
  • Coaching mindset
  • What is coaching and where does it fit in?
  • Introduction to the coaching process and structured conversations
  • Practice and exploration of coaching skills
  • Preparation for a real coaching conversation using the Coaching Conversation Guide
  • Coaching vision with partner feedback


  • The cost of the facilitation kit is DKK 5,000,- excluding VAT (per individual kit). When hosting the course, participant materials can be purchased separately at DKK 1,200,- per participant material (minimum order: 10 units), excluding VAT.


  • Access the facilitation materials online or receive them physically.
  • No prior course is required, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Enhances learning and development among employees

Fosters self-reliant problem solvers

Retains talent

Develops leadership skills

Coaching based on International Coaching Federation standards

Coaching Essentials® equips your leaders to coach employees for improved results. The program is grounded in a practical approach, providing your leaders with a structured process to work from.

Blanchard's Coaching Essentials® program imparts participants with the core coaching competencies defined by the International Coaching Federation. As a Blanchard partner, CfL's consultants are highly qualified to instruct Coaching Essentials®.

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