Public-sector leadership

We help public-sector organisations with citizen involvement, organisational culture surveys, cross-sectoral partnering and much more besides.

Denmark has one of the most efficiently run public sectors in the world. This is due to the efforts of dedicated managers and staff, who contribute day-in, day-out to value creation for citizens and the community. Leadership excellence is key, but organisational complexity places additional demands on public-sector executives.

We advise the public sector on organisation, cultural analysis, cross-sectoral partnering and much more besides.

Common challenges we can assist with:

Performance appraisal with citizen involvement and feedback
Intra- and intersectoral partnerships
New organisational forms and structures
Leadership concepts and delegatory models
Organisational culture surveys and strategy implementation

360° local authority performance appraisal

A 360-degree performance appraisal provides honest, comprehensive, and valuable feedback from citizens, policy-makers, staff, and management in a municipality to assist in adapting the organisation to meet future needs.

With a 360-degree performance appraisal, you will discover your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and gain specific recommendations for future performance improvement initiatives.

Organisational culture surveys and strategy implementation

Every public-sector entity is constantly under scrutiny from citizens, the media, and policy-makers, and these many external factors may impact the organisational culture and performance in serving the public.

CfL can help conduct holistic ratings and surveys of your external reputation and internal culture. We can assist in identifying any stumbling blocks for strategy execution, and we can draw up action plans for how to instil a culture that underpins the organisation’s objects and mandate.

New organisational forms

New structures and practices are undergoing intensive experimentation in the interests of rapid, flexible responses to new opportunities and challenges. One approach is to embrace a more agile style of organisation addressing strategy, structure, leadership, and processes.

At CfL, we help public-sector executives adapt and head up lead the transition from a traditional to an agile organisation – from limited pilots in parts of your organisation to full-scale implementation.

Best practices in cross-sectoral partnerships

CfL helps public-sector management get to grips with the leadership remit that platforms best practices in cross-sectoral partnerships.

We bring managers from all sides of the partnership together with a view to engendering mutual trust and establishing a partnering platform for the joint leadership role. This process addresses conflict management, compartmentalisation, organisational cultural differences and much more besides.

Leadership concepts and practices

How do we achieve goal setting and sense-making for our employees? This will depend on your particular context, and the task is not made any easier by the fact that public-sector executives are navigating complex organisations with strict documentation requirements. 

The solution may be tried-and-tested leadership concepts and practices, and at CfL we have achieved great success for our clients with the international concept SLII®.

Another proven international leadership model is briefing and backbriefing, which helps ensure that everyone works to the same strategic goals.

Client testimonials

Morten Winge
Morten Winge

Morten Winge, Chief Executive, on Tårnby Municipality’s 360-degree performance appraisal:

“I’m personally thrilled by the keen public scrutiny revealed by the survey. I never imagined we’d achieve so much, but CfL’s proposal was far more insightful than I could even hope for.”

Read the full interview with Morten Winge here (in Danish)

Helle Pank Lund (left) and Vibeke Juul Dalengaard
Helle Pank Lund (left) and Vibeke Juul Dalengaard

Vibeke Juul Dalengaard, Head of Programme for Leadership Development in Holstebro Municipality:

“Our course attendees were astonishingly receptive to SLII® including the video component, with its more international, than Danish, angle. They appreciated the variation between video, assignments and presentations, which were mutually complementary, but thematically consistent.”   

Read the full article on SLII® in Holstebro Municipality here (in Danish)

Lotte Christensen, Sector Director, Child, Youth and Family Services in Lolland Municipality:

“When I introduced the strategy book recommended by CfL to my service leads, telling them that this is the book we’re going to be using for our planning and development strategy, they adopted an ‘if we don’t say too much, this’ll blow over, like everything else’ attitude. But once they had read the book and were introduced to the methods by CfL, they bought into the principles, and now say it’s one of the best things that ever happened.”

Read the full article on strategy work in Lolland Municipality here (in Danish)

Our approach

We work with you

At CfL, our philosophy is that our consulting service should be aligned with your organisation. We work with you to understand your organisation’s specific needs and aspirations, and we design our solutions accordingly. This ensures that the solution we provide is tailored to your organisation and its goals.



Our solutions are designed to help managers and staff not only to achieve their organisational goals, but also develop as individuals. We believe that a holistic approach helps organisations achieve sustainable success.

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If you would like to know more about our approach to consulting services in public-sector organisations, please contact us using the form further down this page. We look forward to getting to work, and getting to know you, so we can advise you on the best way forward.


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