Administrative staff, interns, and hourly workers


Finding the right administrative and hourly workers can be challenging. With a high volume of applicants, candidates often lack experience in the specific tasks required for the job, making it difficult for companies to identify the ideal candidates.

We've developed a personality test and a set of cognitive assessments tailored to this group of candidates. Our tests provide valuable insights into the personalities and cognitive abilities of potential candidates. This means you can make informed decisions and find the best match for your company.

Tools for recruiting administrative staff

CfL-Ability Focus Profiles

Skills and abilities assessments

Seven different tests:
CfL-Ability Focus Profiles include seven different tests tailored to specific needs across industries and job profiles.

Objective insights:
CfL-Ability Focus Profiles provide objective insights into a candidate's cognitive abilities and skills.

The results can help predict a candidate's job performance, reducing the risk of hiring mistakes.

The tool is designed to be impartial, eliminating bias related to age, gender, religion, ethnic background, and more."


CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 6 Factor

Assessing candidate personality

Compact personality test: CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 6 Factor is a simplified personality test that provides a suitable insight into the applicant's personality without being overly extensive.

Efficient screening: With CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 6 Factor, you can quickly screen candidates based on personality traits that align with job requirements.

Interview guidance: CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 6 Factor is used to structure the conversation during job interviews.

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