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We specialize in providing tools for successful onboarding and employee development.

Our range of profile and test tools, including the Jungian Type Index (JTI), Leadership Focus Profile, and two personality tests measuring 6 and 12 different factors, provides valuable insights into an employee's strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for development.

With our tools, you will be able to create personalized and tailored onboarding programs based on each employee's needs and preferences.

Customized Onboarding Programs

Give new employees the best start

Stay ahead of collaboration problems

Identify development areas

CfL-Leadership Focus Profile

Effective onboarding for leaders

The LFP test reveals leaders' behavior and priorities in crucial areas. It can be used in the onboarding process in the following ways:

Create focus on important areas: Identify areas of leadership that a leader may not be aware of or may not feel confident in. Focusing on these areas in onboarding can provide the leader with the necessary tools and skills for success.

Create a personal development plan: The results of the LFP test can help create a personal development plan for the leader, focusing on their individual needs and priorities.

Plan evaluation and feedback: The LFP test can be used for evaluation and feedback in onboarding. Measuring progress over time allows for program adjustments to ensure the leader's success.

CfL-Personality Focus Profile

Brug styrken i personligheden

CfL-Personality Focus Profile measures either 6 or 12 factors.

Read a series of examples on how they can be used to enhance the onboarding process:

Customize training programs: The tool can help identify areas where the new employee needs more training or guidance, allowing training programs to be tailored to individual needs.

Improved communication: By understanding the new employee's personality type and preferences, you can adapt communication styles and methods to ensure information is understood and retained.

Adjustment of tasks: The tool can help identify tasks that the new employee will be best suited to perform from the start, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated.

Mentoring and coaching: The tool can assist in matching the new employee with a mentor or coach who best fits their personality type and learning style, increasing the likelihood of a successful onboarding process.

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Jungian Type Index (JTI)

Turn differences into advantages

Examples of how to use Jungian Type Index for employee onboarding:

Communication style: An extroverted employee may prefer more interactive onboarding activities, while an introverted employee may prefer more time for reflection and individual learning.

Learning style: A visual-thinking employee may benefit from more visually presented information, while an auditory-thinking employee may benefit from more verbal interaction.

Motivational factors: Introduce the employee to team members and team projects if they prefer working in a team-based environment. Provide them with resources and autonomy if they prefer working independently.

Work style: An organized and efficient newcomer can be given smaller tasks in a specific order to make them feel like they are contributing immediately. A creative and risk-taking new employee can be given more freedom in the first weeks to explore their role in the company, enhancing engagement and motivation.

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