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With in-depth personality profiles, behavior assessments, and years of experience in the field, we provide you with all the insights you need when recruiting managers and specialists.

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CfL's tools for recruiting managers and specialists

CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 12 Factor

Personality test

In-depth personality test: CfL-Personality Focus Profile – 12 Factor is a personality test particularly suited for recruiting and onboarding leaders, salespeople, academics, specialists, and clerical staff.

Four key areas: The tool is divided into four key areas, ensuring that the conversation always revolves around the core elements present in virtually all jobs: Drive, Temperament, Task, and Relationships.

Effective dialogue tool: The test is used when a thorough discussion about specific aspects of the candidate's personality is desired to ensure success within the team or in handling the task portfolio.

CfL-Leadership Focus Profile

Assessing leadership behavior

CfL-Leadership Focus Profile is a tool that assesses a leader's behavior and priorities within four areas crucial for leadership performance:

  • Relationships: The leader's approach to and management of relationships.
  • Development: The leader's interest in and approach to developmental tasks.
  • Operations: The leader's interest in and approach to operational tasks.
  • Motivation: The leader's fundamental motivation to fulfill a leadership role.
CfL-Ability Focus Profiles

Skills and abilities assessments

Seven different tests: CfL-Ability Focus Profiles include seven different tests tailored to specific needs across industries and job profiles.

Objective insights: CfL-Ability Focus Profiles provide objective insights into a candidate's cognitive abilities and skills.

Accuracy: The results can help predict a candidate's job performance, reducing the risk of hiring mistakes.

Bias-free: The tool is designed to be impartial, eliminating bias related to age, gender, religion, ethnic background, and more.

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