We offer evidence-based Co-Creation methods, research-based training and a range of digital and analogue tools to work specifically with Co-Creation.

Everyone is talking about Co-Creation – but what is it? And how do you work with Co-Creation professionally? Some of the issues we will talk about at the information meetings are:

  • Why is Co-Creation so hot these years?

  • Examples of real life experiences with strategic Co-Creation in public and private organisation.

  • How strategic Co-Creation is different from other forms of collaboration such as partnership innovation and project management?

  •  What demands do the work with strategic Co-Creation create for the organization in terms of performance management, competency framework etc.?

At CfL we work with strategic Co-Creation, which is a business model as well as a problem solving method.

Strategic Co-Creation is a business model where the value creation occurs across the stakeholders and where the value creation is received by the total challenge as well as each of the stakeholders.

Strategic Co-Creation is a method of problem solving together with other stakeholders, where the task is strategically character and too complex to solve alone.

You are more than welcome to give Gitte Pilsgaard a call at +45 33 48 88 83 or write to gpi@cfl.dk.

Please feel free to bring one or two of your colleagues to the information meeting.